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Municipal Industry and Energy Group won the title of "Model Collective of Wenzhou City in 2019-2023"

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April 28,Wenzhou City Celebrate the "May 1st" International Labor Day and the advanced commendation meeting of the Modeling betboom casino reviewbetboom casino reviewModel in the Municipal Great Hall of the People.。will be on,Municipal Industry and Energy Group was awarded the title of "2019-2023 Wenzhou Model Collective"。

From 2019 to 2023, the city industry and energyGroupCumulative realization of operating income and total profit exceeds252billion yuan,10billion yuan, pay taxes and fees800 million yuan; total assets from135100 million yuan increase to214billion yuan, net assets from6.7 billion yuan increased to 92billion yuan,Good realization of state -owned asset preservation and value -added

aYesFocus on steady and improve quality, and do a good job of expanding the main responsibility.Deepening"Nuclear Scenery betboom teamHydrogen Storage" full chain strong chain supplementary chain,Group's equity installation capacity reaches 3.5 million kilowatt,ranked first in province's prefecture -level cities; promoting "Wenzhou Light" Dongyu Industrial Heritage Park Project Construction and Mastery,ReviewZhejiangThe first batch of industrial heritage of the province, selectedZhejiangList of model districts in the provincial urban rural style; fully promotes the total power to1000p of the Intelligent Counterbuilding Center,Help Wenzhou to build the computing power storage hub of northern Fujian, southern Zhejiang。

2YesFocus on cultural betboom reviewrevitalization and grasp the development of strong workers and beauty industries.main pushWenzhou ChuangchengThe capital of Chinese arts and crafts,Become Fujian Quanzhou、The third nationwide after Chaozhou, Guangdong、It is also the last city that won this honor; successfully held the highest specifications of global arts and crafts"Handicraft 50 People Forum" 2023 World Summit and settled in Wenzhou for a long time,Hosted China (Wenzhou) Arts and Crafts Expo for 6 consecutive years,Building into the city's first Wenzhou Gongmei e -commerce live broadcast center。

3YesFocus on corporate betboom reviewgovernance and grasp reform and reform.Successful resolution6 hindering enterprise development、The historical problems left over 10 years of time span,All 101 old -state collective enterprises promoted by pushing custody are included in personnel、Finance、Three major information management platforms for assets to manage,The title of excellent units in the city's safety production assessment for 8 consecutive years,Building a group、standardization、Informatization Modern Enterprise Governance System。

It is reported,The collective objects commended this time include the National May Day Labor Award1、5、10 model collectives in betboom casino reviewZhejiang Province、Zhejiang betboom casinoMay 1st Labor Award 2、9、Wenzhou model collective 120。The personal target commended includes 6 National May Day Labor Medal、57 labor models in Zhejiang Province、4、280 labor models in Wenzhou City。(Group Office)

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According to the work requirements of deepening municipal state -owned enterprise reform in Wenzhou,2020Year1month,Wenzhou betboom sports bettingIndustrial Investment betboom casino reviewGroup Co., Ltd. is renamed Wenzhou Industrial and Energy Development Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Municipal Industry and Energy Group or Group),Registered capital50billion yuan。The Group also hangs Wenzhou Handicraft Cooperative United Society Brand。

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