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Municipal Industry and Energy Group and the Municipal Communications Group reached a strategic cooperation to promote the advantages of the industrial chain to complementary and win -win development

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In the afternoon of March betboom casinobetboom review22,Municipal Industry and Energy Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Municipal Communications Group,Both parties will be in comprehensive energy services、Comprehensive transportation services and other fields to carry out in -depth cooperation,Coordinated to build an advantageous complementary industrial chain,Explore new development models and market space,Work hands to promote state -owned assets and state -owned enterprises to become stronger and better。

Secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Industry and Energy Group、Chairman Zhu Zurong,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Municipal betboom casino reviewbetboom casino reviewCommunications Group、General Manager、Vice Chairman Yang Maofu witnessed signing。Member of the Party Committee of the Municipal Industry and Energy Group、Deputy General Manager Qiu Ruilin,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Municipal Communications Group、Deputy General Manager Qiu Jianxin attended the signing ceremony。

This cooperation is based on the common development concept of both parties、The advantages of complementary resources and the strategic decision of the broad market prospects。Under the background of deepening the marketization reform of state -owned enterprises,Drawing on the resource betboom reviewbetboom teamendowment through their own、Promote the "Founding Chain of the Circle",Exploring the construction of resource sharing、Project co -construction、Risk sharing、A new pattern of coordinated development of interests,Continuously enhances its core competitiveness and market position,Strive to contribute state -owned enterprises for promoting the sustainable and healthy development of our city。

Zhu Zurong opened up the market for the city Jiaotong Group、Fighting corporate spirit representation,Looking forward to the formation of "the same coexistence" in strategic cooperation,In the existing betboom sports bettingbetboom teamproject resources and business development cooperation,Accelerate the establishment of a normalized business mechanism,Continue to promote the implementation of specific cooperation projects.,Explore and establish a model for win -win cooperation between state -owned and state -owned enterprises。

Yang Maofu thanks to the city's industry and energy group for their care and support for the Municipal Communications Group,indicates that the two parties have a good basis for cooperation in many fields,Subsequent cooperation space broad、Great potential,Looking forward to the empowerment of both parties、Jie results,betboom teambetboom teamGoing out a new way for sustainable state -owned enterprise cooperation and win -win road。

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