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Wenzhou Old Body Association Investigation Quick Deer Group

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Recent,Ma Xianqiu, President of the Winzhou Lao Zee Association, led the student training class of Wenzhou old names to investigate Quick Deer Group。

The trainees first visitedProduction workshop,Detailed understanding of product automation betboom casino review packaging production line。SubsequentAt the symposium,Quick Lu Group briefly introduced the history of the development of fast deer brand name,The two parties conducted in -depth exchanges and discussions on topics such as product innovation。Ma Xianqiu expressed his affirmation of the efforts of Kuailu Group in the construction of the old betboom review brand of Wenzhou,and hope that Kuasu Group can adhere to the original intention of the brand,In the development of the times for a long time,Constantly exploring the road of innovation and development of old names。(Quick Deer Group)

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