Author: SIHWIT Staff

August 31, 2017

EOB Changes



BAS is changing the way that they are sending out our Explanation Of Benefits or EOB’s. Instead of sending an individual EOB every time you have a claim they are going to send a Monthly Summary EOB.

Starting with claims that are processed in September, BAS will begin the cycle of the Monthly

Summary EOB. The first monthly summary EOB will be sent early in October and will include all claims released for you in the month of September. If you need Individual images of your EOBs they will be available on the BAS member Portal, immediately following the release of payment to the provider. Members will not have to wait for the monthly summary EOB to download their individual EOBs on the member portal. Providers will continue to receive individual EOBs. Payments will still be sent weekly. If members had previously signed up for email notices when a claim was paid they will continue to receive those notices.

Below are examples of the New EOB’s.