Welcome to the Southern Illinois Health & Welfare Insurance Trust

The Southern Illinois Health & Wellness Insurance Trust in coordination with USI Insurance, is committed to providing protection, security and peace of mind by developing and managing high quality, cost effective insurance plans and risk management services.

Why Your School Should Join!

Financial Stability. The Trust’s financial stability provides each participating school district and cooperative with a strong foundation for the future.

• Rating Philosophy. Upon entry into SIHWIT, each school district is rated separately based upon their own experience and demographic date. Each district’s rate structure and claim experience is transparent to the other school districts. Monthly claims and financial reports are provided to each Trustee. At renewal, all districts are provided with a uniform increase (subject to the Trust’s deviation formula) that is applied to each of the district’s separate rate structures.

Wellness Program. The purpose of the SIHWIT Wellness Program is to improve the health conditions of the covered employees and dependants. This health improvement will drive lower costs for the members districts. Interactive Health Solutions, Inc. (IHS), SIHWIT’s wellness partner, provides a turnkey population on health management program to all SIHWIT districts. Program services are clinically based and fully HIPAA compliant. The year-round IHS program includes annual, on-site health evaluations; individualized health goals; in-person courses and online information about specific conditions; as well as full program administration, record keeping and reporting. The IHS program will give your school district a proactive, proven process to help control health care costs by helping employees get and stay healthy and be accountable for healthcare costs.

As a result of these initiatives, SIHWIT was named one of the “Healthiest Companies in America” in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. Employers are chosen based on a series of clinical evaluations of employee participants across an index of key health indicators. The winners have shown significant improved employee health while reducing healthcare costs through a prevention-based health program.

• Dedicated Administrative Assistance. SIHWIT employs a Trust Administrator, Valerie Palmer, to oversee the day-to-day operations of the Trust. In addition to providing administrative assistance to the staff of the participating school districts, Mrs. Palmer’s duties include helping employees with claim-related questions regarding Trust programs. Mrs. Palmer also prepares monthly financial reports for the participating school districts. The Trustees are confident that Mrs. Palmer will help reduce the workload on your existing staff if your school district joins SIHWIT.